To beautifully heal esthetic and cosmetic artistry around the world.

Because the truth is — every client out there needs their artist to understand how to beautifully heal the skin, now and in the long-run.

We have a passion for beautifully healing the skin with clean and natural ingredients and believe that nothing is more powerful than the energy, momentum and accountability you get when you surround yourself with a community of big dreamers.

Founded in 2019 by Alma Marisol, her inspiration came after observing an important truth: most PMU Artists were not being adequately educated in skincare.

Alma noticed that while there were a lot of skilled and certified artists out there, many did not have the esthetic knowledge needed to properly, and beautifully, heal their clients' skin.

As a Master Esthetician and PMU artist, she wanted to do something about it. 

She wanted to shake up the beauty world by teaching better aftercare methods to PMU Artists.

So she stepped out from behind the chair and began educating. 

The goal??? To build a community of artists around the world and share with them the products, techniques and healing strategies she’s used to heal her clients' skin beautifully.

Alma’s one-woman business has now grown into a powerful family of beauty professionals and business owners. 

In 2023, she launched her first online training course, Beautiful Healing 101, Miel's flagship course where she teaches beauty pros the in-depth skin knowledge they need to confidently deliver beautifully healed results and retention.


Alma Marisol, Founder & Ed. Director

Award-winning brow artist, master esthetician and founder of Miel. Alma is our national educator and everyone's favorite hype girl. She's known as the heart of Miel and go-to-authority on all things skin healing for PMU & Esthetics.


Amber is a believer — the visionary leader and developer of Miel's innovative product line end-to-end. As a certified yoga and breathwork instructor, she's here to help you find space to grow and fill your own cup.

Patricia Harper, CMO & Copywriter

Head copywriter, turned biz consultant for Miel Pros, you’ll find Tricia's marketing genius and messaging all over our websites, publications and social channels. Miel Pros strategize with her to build their brand, clientele and sales.

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